i.am/Angel Foundation Teams Up with Mark Cuban Foundation and CSL Behring To Host AI Bootcamp in Boyle Heights

By on October 31, 2022 at 6:03 pm |

CSL Behring and the i.am/Angel Foundation have begun to host a Mark Cuban Foundation Artificial Intelligence (AI) Bootcamp for high school students at the Boyle Height Youth Tech Center.

The no cost AI Bootcamp is targeted towards high school students and will introduce underserved students in grades 9 through 12 to basic AI concepts and skills.

The i.am/Angel Foundation solidified the Boyle Heights Youth Tech Center to be selected  as one of the thirty camps around the nation to host the AI Bootcamp in Fall 2022. The bootcamp began on October 22nd and will be held through 4 consecutive Saturdays. All 30 selected camps will be taught the same curriculum synchronously.

Throughout the AI Bootcamp, students will learn what artificial intelligence is, is not, where they already interact with AI in their own lives, and the ethical implications of AI systems including but not limited to TikTok recommendations, smart home assistants, facial recognition, and self-driving cars to name a few.

In addition, students will benefit from volunteer mentor instructors who will help them quickly understand material normally taught at a collegiate level. As part of the 5-hour curriculum, students also get to work in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, each day to build their own AI applications related to Chatbots, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing.

The i.am/Angel Foundation would like to thank the Mark Cuban Foundation, CSL Behring, the Boyle Heights Youth Tech Center, and all the students and mentors participating for making this opportunity possible!