SpaceHorizons Brings Satellite Mission Program to Boyle Heights Students

By on April 29, 2015 at 7:39 pm |

spacehorizons01Our students in Boyle Heights, east Los Angeles will be building satellites for outer space soon, thanks to an exciting initiative from SpaceHorizons, a nonprofit that connects the entertainment, academic, and science communities to promote STEM education for under-served and at risk students.

SpaceHorizons is partnering with the Foundation to bring their first High School Space Mission CubeSat Program to the students of Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles. The pilot program will begin at the start of the next school year, in Fall 2015.

The project will combine the hands-on experience of design, building, testing, and launching a small satellite (CubeSat) along with a guest lecture series featuring members of the entertainment, science, and academic communities. The lectures will be recorded and made available to other schools in Los Angeles and across the country. It’s an extremely exciting STEM opportunity for the students of east Los Angeles.

SpaceHorizons launched their initiative last week at Roosevelt High School’s Space Day, a day of fun space-oriented activities such as building and launching bottle rockets.

SpaceHorizons’ pilot program for Roosevelt students building CubeSat satellites will be in 7 stages.  Each of the 7 stages are broken into modules that follow the school calendar. They are designed to be flexible and easily modified to reflect availability of in-class teacher time, student time and guest presenters and funding.

SpaceHorizons’ 7 Stage STEM Life Cycle:

August 2015: Start of Guest Lecture Series
September 2015: Start Cubesat/Satellite Instruction
October 2015: Start Design Phase
December 2015: Conduct Design Review
January 2016: Start Assembly Phase
March 2016: Conduct Test Readiness Review and Start Test Phase
May 2016: Conduct Launch Readiness Review

We can’t wait to see the day our students’ satellites launched into space! For more information on SpaceHorizons and how you can support this great initiative, please visit