As part of his commitment to philanthropy, will.i.am launched the i.am Angel Foundation in 2009 to TRANS4M lives through education, inspiration and opportunity.  The i.am Angel Foundation administers charitable activities and programs targeted towards providing college scholarships (i.am scholarship), college preparation (i.am College Track), and opportunities in STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).

The i.am Angel Foundation is especially committed to transforming will.i.am’s hometown of Boyle Heights in east Los Angeles. Boyle Heights is a predominantly low-income, working class, immigrant community that is rich in culture and potential, but struggling with a lack of resources and opportunities. We strive to turn Boyle Heights into a model for other communities around the world.

“In order to rebuild America, we need to rebuild communities like Boyle Heights, by providing opportunities to those who dream big. That’s what we’re trying to accomplish.” – will.i.am